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Radio interview

The Hungarian Klub Rádió interviewed Prof András Málnási Csizmadia and asked him about the long process of drug development from a molecule to the stores. You can listen to it on this link (in Hungarian).

Hungarian Stroke Society Conference

The Hungarian Stroke Society’s congress too place in Zalakaros, Hungary in September, where the Motorpharmacology research group sponsored and represented itself  with a stall where Anna Rauscher introduced our project to the interested visitors.

Europen Muscle Conference 2019

Both our lab and Optopharma Ltd. Were present at this year’s European Muscle Conference in Kent, England. We have introduced our new compounds that will be available for sale soon. Until that visit out website for the currently available molecules www.optopharma.com.

European Stroke Organisations Conference 2019 (ESOC)

This year the annual European Stroke Organisation Conference was held in Milan, Italy in May. It is an essential meeting for us, where we can learn new information about the topic and also introduce our progress of the last year.

Novel approaches targeting Brain Barriers for effective delivery of therapeutics

Máté Gyimesi and Máté Pénzes traveled to Virginia for the Targeting Brain Barriers workshop from April 29th to May 1st. This topic is essential during our research in getting the inhibitor to the right area of the damaged brain. They took a poster as well which presented our results on the Ischemic Stroke regeneration and smooth muscle myosin-2 inhibition with para-aminoblebbistatin.

16th Alpbach Motors Workshop Myosin and Muscle, and Other Motors

Anna Rauscher and András Málnási-Csizmadia participated in this year’s 16th Alpbach Motors Workshop Myosin and Muscle, and Other Motors. They both gave presentations and provided a poster for the event that contained the lab’s experimental details about myosin inhibition.

One of the posters showed our data from our research on inhibiting the skeletal muscle. The other showed data on how para-aminoblebbistatin inhibits Non-muscle and smooth muscle myosin.

U.S. roundtrip

From 27th of February to the 10th of March András Málnási Csizmaida and Máté Gyimesi traveled around the U.S. giving presentations at high prestigious places.

First, they went to Baltimore for the American Biophysical Society’s Annual meeting where Ádám Horváth also joined them. They presented two of our leading projects within Motorpharmacology with posters, that were well-received.

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