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January the 18th, 2019 ELTE’s Open Day

We had a busy day on the 18th of January because of more than 700 high school visitors on ELTE’s Open Day. They all have been very excited about our running research projects at ELTE and raised very interesting questions. Maybe we can meet one day in our lab?

16th of December, 2018 A hungarian compound might help people suffering from ischemic stroke ( M1, Ma reggel)

András Málnási Csizmadia as well as Máté Gyimesi have talked about our research for the audience of a hungarian TV channel.  You can watch it here ( 07:38-15:46)

December, 2018, ELTE’s Innovative Researcher Award for our research group’s patent

In recognition of the outstanding research achievement, ELTE established the ELTE Innovative Researcher Award in 2009. It is our pleasure that this year our research group has won this award for our stroke project.

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